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Ask Joseph

Steps Theater, New York, NY

A keyhole glimpse into the secret, often persecuted world of human talent. An attempt to understand the complexities of self-identification.

Dancing on the Edge

Theater Novi Most, Minneapolis, MN
The play is an unflinching look at a cross-cultural and complex couple who rode through the tumultuous birth of the USSR together with shared passion but no common spoken language. Written by Adam Kraar.

Puss in Boots

ZPlay Children's Theater, NY

An immortal classic reimagined for the young New York audiences

Little Red Riding Hood

ZPlay Children's Theater, NY

In this rendition of the classic tale, the Wolf was an intellectual and a vegetarian, so he didn't eat anyone.

Pettson's New Year

ZPlay Children's Theater, NY

An exciting New Year adventure of a beloved cat Findus and his charismatic owner Pettson.

Grasshopper and a Butterfly

ZPlay Children's Theater, NY

A classic fable which teaches kids to not leave for tomorrow that which can be taken care of today.

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